One Shot: The Lady's Price

One Shot: The Lady's Price

Hail and well met friend, we are taking a short break from our regular D&D campaign to host a summer one shot told from the other side of the story... the villain's side. Please join us:

Sunday, June 30th 2-6pm

An adventure for level 3 characters of monstrous origins or intentions. Also, please note the earlier than usual start time.

Game Pitch

You have always resented the twinkling lights by the bay, down in the town of Saltmarsh.

Every year: the town expands, the inlet is dredged, the roads are paved, more horses and humans come, and the wild forest of the Dreadwood is pushed further and further back.

But that wildness is what brought you to this place. It is an untamed chaos that pulses beneath the dense canopy of the forest, where the sun rarely trespasses. Yet even in this savage, dark world of tooth and claw there are hierarchies. Shade and shadow. Fey and mortal. Predator and prey.

It was only when you first began to make a name for yourself here that you learned of another: The Lady Nightshade and her Three Knights. The sorceress of the Dreadwood who commands the shadows and can kill a foe with a single whispered word. When the first of her Knights darkened your door, you were either overcome with ambition to curry her favor or brought low by the weight of her power. Either way, you incurred a debt.

Now, Lady Nightshade sends her Knight to collect her price. She has a mission for you, down in Saltmarsh...